Termite Inspections

We do all of our Termite Inspections and Termite Letters through our Sister Company

Johnson CIty Home Inspector
Statewide Pest Services

Statewide Pest Services LLC

Termite Letters can be done at the time of the home inspection because all of our Home Inspectors are Certified through the State of TN to do the inspections. All inspectors are licensed through Statewide Pest Services LLC Charter #3991. This is a great advantage to you because the person working for you is looking out for your best interest. Other Home Inspectors do not have the knowledge and training to know what to be looking for.

Termites are a very devastating insect, if they are not found early they can do major damage to your home.

Bentley & Associates LLC is the only Home Inspection Company that can provide the Termite Inspection and provide the termite Letter along with the Home inspection In Johnson City and surrounding areas

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