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Danny Tate 1000Bio of Danny Tate – Builder / Home Inspector

It all starter back in 1972.

My dad was building an addition on to the back of the house and I remember the smell of the cut wood and those, 2 pocket, cloth, tool aprons, that you could get at any LOCAL hardware store, leaving that “bow tie” tan line on my dad’s lower back.

I was 10 years old.

In 1982 I graduated High School completing all Building Trade Courses and all Mechanical Drawing Courses.

In 1987 I earned my Associates Degree from Tri-Cities State Technical Institute, (now Northeast State Community College), and started on my career path with my first job.

Designer/Drafting Uwe Rothe – Architect, Johnson City, TN.

At this point I was ready for any drafting job. It could have been with Eastman drawing parts, or ITT drawing parts, or Modern Forge drawing parts, or any where drawing parts. But no. First job after my associate degree is with an ARCHITECT.

Life is good!

1990 I receive my Bachelor of Science Degree from East Tennessee State University, got 3 years in with Mr. Rothe and built the first house. Mine.

1997 the walls started closing in. My dad had started building full time around 1984. At this point, in 1997, I started working with him, part time, and started training my replacements for Mr. Rothe in preparation for my career decision to become a Building Contractor.

Owned Tate Homes, 1997 – 2014 Enjoyed a challenging career for 17 years as a TN Licensed General Contractor Residential/Commercial. TN Lic #00049116 BC-A,B; (Retired)

2014 – Present Tate Home Inspection. TN Lic. #1218
Working with a wonderful group:
Bentley and Associates Home Inspection Services
7400 Highway 11E East
Lenior City, TN 37772

Also available: Termite Inspection,Radon,Septic Dye,etc.

I’m looking forward to this new fork in the road. I have truly been blessed and fill that this next path will be just as fulfilling as the last.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile and I wish you all a good day.

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